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Modern dating is a sh*tshow

Get personalized insights, recommendations, and proven tools to help you make sense of your love life, find the right partner, and create the relationship you deserve.

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A radical new approach

Forget the rules, your list, the spark, your age and type. It’s time for a more empowered and effective approach to dating & relationships—one that begins with understanding yourself, what you need, and practical, research-based advice to help you find it.

Take control of your love life

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Revealing assessments
Fun & engaging scientific assessments help you understand yourself, your partners, and your relationships
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Empowering workshops
Self-paced workshops help you connect with your worth, discover your power, and take control of your love life
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Game-changing advice
Daily messages packed with research-based advice help you meet more people, spark stronger connections, and have better relationships
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Inspiring live events
Honest, inspiring & disruptive conversations about modern love help you let go of old ideas that are limiting you
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Unlock Your Power

Whether you’re 25 or 45, having better dating experiences starts with you. Our core assessment, The Coach, looks at things that are in your control—your attitude, your energy, and your choices—to help you discover and break patterns that might be limiting you. Some areas we’ll explore:

Our assessments

The Coach Discover patterns that are limiting you
The Matchmaker Discover what kind of partner you need
The Navigator Understand your partner's patterns
The Housekeeper Make sense of your breakup

We Believe...

  • Modern dating
    is a mess

    Dating today can leave you feeling insecure, empty, and burned out. Over time, you can end up developing patterns that lead to exactly the kinds of relationships you’re trying to avoid.

  • The playing field
    is not level

    Studies show that while men don’t start feeling old until their 50s, women start feeling old in their 20s. That has major implications for how we date—and what we’re willing to tolerate.

  • It's time to flip
    the script

    When it comes to love, you have a lot more power than you probably realize. Understanding yourself and the mental patterns that are stopping you from being your most confident, magnetic self can change everything.

  • Knowledge is
    the key

    Most people are dating wrong. That’s because no one teaches us how to find the right person or build a healthy relationship. It’s amazing how fun dating can be when you feel good about yourself and know what to do!

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The hype is real


  • Sweetn uses principles from performance coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you take control of your love life. Dating is hard and it’s easy to give up, get burned out, feel hopeless, or get stuck in bad relationships. We’re here to change that.

  • Our approach is based on principles from performance coaching, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. Our assessments are all psychometrically valid, which means they’re based on a lot of research and statistical analysis.

  • Sweetn is currently for people who identify as women. We will be expanding Sweetn to other groups in the future.

  • Yes, soon! Our assessments are psychometrically valid which means that, in order to create an assessment for a group of people, we have to collect a lot of survey data from people in that group first. We’re working on that now.

  • Taking our assessments is completely free! All you have to do is create an account. We do have a subscription service but that requires payment but that’s optional.

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